LEARN Behavioral is a nationwide ABA company I began working as a Behavior Technician.      Eventually I began working as a Junior Designer for their Marketing Department. A major piece of my work load was creating social media content for multiple social media channels and campaigns. 
Creating content from holiday posts, quotes about ABA and wellness, and staff recognition posting. Each post went through multiple versions where the team would collaboratively critique it until ready for posting. 
Additionally, type-setting the company blog posts was another point of focus. Paying careful attention to the treatment of the rags and checking that the type has enough white space to breathe and be easily readable. Multiple versions were created for each brand within LEARN. 
The LEARN Marketing Department was also responsible for any and all printing requests of all offices throughout the country. One of which was a print job where a clinic requested thank you cards be made as a way to thank Behavior Technicians and other staff who go above and beyond in their jobs.

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