During my final semester of college I was fortunate enough to be pulled onto a unique project. Working with a team of 8 creatives, we created the first ever art magazine titled "Artmouth" as a play on "Dartmouth", published at UMass Dartmouth. The magazine served as an opportunity for CVPA to highlight its immensely impressive and expansive art community.
As a group we put out a call for art open to students of all years and majors. In order to grab student attention, we collaboratively created the poster below inviting students to "Be a part of the art". Using our hands to put together this abstract poster, we aimed to convey community and how we create it together (my hand is on the bottom).

Once we received enough submissions we collectively decided who would be featured in the publication. The magazine featured undergraduates, graduates, and alumni. The designers then broke the work into pieces, designating specific spreads for each designer to be responsible for.
In order to visually break up the different classes we implemented a color system: orange for undergrad, teal for grad, and purple for alumni. 
I was fortunate enough to not only be a designer on the magazine, but also be included as a highlighted artist. I submitted a branding project and two portraits I photographed.

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