The " Are You Woke?" social media campaign was my graphic design capstone project that studied systemic oppression on campus at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. By interviewing 10 minority students attending the university does the campaign aim to bring ignored narratives and struggles to light. Due to the often toxic nature of the relationship between administration and students, this campaign forces the university to understand the student narrative a little better.
Each individual who was interviewed has a pulled quote from their interview to help and entice readers to read their story. Each interview touches upon several different issues such as issues of gender, races, diversity, and white privilege within UMass Dartmouth. 
Stickers were also designed for the campaign that would be printed and placed around campus as an additional form of marketing and exposure. Each sticker uses the question mark from the logo to tie it back to the brand, a barcode that is linked to the website, as well as brutalist concrete textures to also hint at the ties to the university. 
Using mainly Instagram to conduct the  social media campaign, each post highlights each individual who was featured. Taking advantage of the carousel posts on Instagram, I obscured    each individuals portrait, upon swiping a saturated and clear image of them appears with a quote from their interview. This was designed in hopes of creating a surprising and highly shareable post.  This also shows how sharing your story and being heard makes you visible.
By creating a social media campaign does this hopefully apply pressure to the university that the student narrative will not continue to be ignored. 

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